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How to Open Corrupted DMG File of Mac OS on Windows Platform

The term DMG is a file extension, which is abbreviated for Apple Disk Image. This type of disk image file is created in Apple machine having Macintosh operating system. The blog provides an overview of DMG file and different ways to open corrupted DMG file or Disk image file through a command line or a free application to view DMG contents in Windows. It prevents corruption and damage to DMG file by recovering the DMG file.

These DMG files are somewhat similar to Microsoft Windows ISO, which comprises of software installation files of Mac applications. It also gives support to the holding of compressed files. The MIME Type or Internet media type of DMG file is application/x-apple-diskimage. The DMG file icon comes with a structure that is based upon several Disk Image formats. Few formats are mentioned below:

  • - Universal disk image format
  • - New disk image format

Reasons for Corruption in DMG Files

There are several causes due to which a user becomes unable to open corrupted DMG file. Some points upon the same are given below:

  • - Physical Disk Damage: There are few chances where hard disk gets damaged due to scratches or some unknown reason. These sudden incidences might cause corruption in DMG file.
  • - Improper Unmounting: A DMG file is considered as a physical hard disk. However, if you are storing DMG file on an external hard drive then, corruption in files might occur due to improper ejecting of the disk.
  • - Read/Write Disruption: The ‘in between’ habit of halting the ongoing procedure of Read/Write operation leads to corruption in DMG file.
  • - Cross-Platform Sharing: The file sharing between the unsupported platforms might result in an unresponsive state of DMG file.
  • - Header File Corrupted: The header file comprises of crucial data within it. When something goes wrong in this file, the overall DMG file will also get corrupted.

Errors Caused While Opening Corrupted DMG File

The errors encountered at the time of processing corrupted or damaged DMG files are mentioned below:

  • - Image File on your PC
  • - DMG Not Recognized: No mountable File System
  • - Cannot Open DMG File
  • - Disk Image Could Not be opened
  • - Invalid Checksum: DMG Disk Image File
  • - Cannot run from read only DMG File

Solutions to Open Corrupted DMG File

There exists manual as well as a free automated approach to view data from corrupted DMG file. While the time users are restoring DMG file, they should make sure that they are having a copy of it. When the procedure of fixing DMG file gets started, it might result in corruption. Therefore, it is suggested to end users that they should be having a backup of data before recovery. There are three approaches through which one can learn solutions on how to open damaged DMG file. So, let’s begin!

  • Method 1: Repair DMG Using Disk Utility

Initiate with following instructions for repairing the file:

  1. 1) Launch Disk Utility program on Mac machine and move the copy of the .dmg file in the device list.
  2. 2) Choose the DMG file and then select ‘First Aid’ tab for starting the disk verification. Try to recover the DMG file, if in case the problem persists.
  3. 3) If you find an error: No mountable file system after accessing DMG file then, follow below-mentioned instructions for repairing DMG file:

    • - Reboot the Mac machine by using Mac Bootable CD/Flash Drive.
    • - Try to restart the system and click on Install Mac OS X option.
    • - From the Mac keyboard, press ?C? keys altogether.
    • - Agree to the terms and conditions displayed and select language accordingly.
    • - Choose the targeted drive where the problem is faced and click Macintosh HD.
    • - Click on the Options tab for selecting installation method. If you want to secure private folders and user accounts then, select the option of Archive for installing and choosing. This will be preserving Users and Network Settings.
    • - Restart your PC and then, reply to the configuration that is prompted in front of you to open corrupted DMG file.

  • Method 2: Convert DMG to ISO

You have to utilize an inbuilt command named as HDIUTIL. Open the Command Prompt screen and then, execute the following command given below:

Open corrupted DMG file

  • Free Automated Approach

The approach involves no complicated instructions to be followed. It only requires downloading and installing of DMG File Viewer, which should be done in a proper manner. Users only have to add DMG file in this free utility and rest processing will be carried away by the tool itself. The software will open corrupted DMG files with all the data associated with it.


After practically implementing things, we would suggest the users that they should opt for free DMG viewer. It is so because it does not require a high level of technicalities to open corrupted DMG file. There is no set of complicated steps to perform. With the help of this tool, the task becomes easy and it takes very less to open and show the data items from the DMG file.


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