Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Learn to Export Zoho to Thunderbird Effortlessly – Step By Step Guide

Nowadays, most of the Zoho mail users are looking for a solution to backup Zoho mail. If you are also one of them, then, you are at the correct place as this article will describe an effective approach to migrate Zoho to Thunderbird. Read this to learn the detailed procedure to set up Zoho mail in Thunderbird.

Brief Overview of Zoho Mail

Basically, Zoho Mail is a complete suite which provides online services. Users can easily sign up in Zoho Suite and can easily utilize the services from the Website. It is provided with commonly used online utility by creating it simple for individuals and organizations to manage the workflow. Zoho Mail also provides benefits in setting up the enterprises or businesses. It also allows users to generate and utilize their own domain-based email addresses for business communications and other professional activities.

User-Query Regarding Backup Zoho to Thunderbird

I am having some problems while performing the procedure to add Zoho mail to Thunderbird”. I am receiving the error:

Sending of username did not succeed: Mail server pop.zoho.com responded: User already specified

In this, the first error is giving Authentication Failure message and shows the message to re-enter the password, then it prompts the second error. But I am receiving the emails as I log in to Zoho account. But due to some problem, it is not working in Thunderbird.

Approaches to Add Zoho in Thunderbird

There are three techniques that make it simple and easy for the users to export Zoho to Thunderbird.

Technique 1: Manual Approach

Follow these steps to have complete Zoho Backup:
1. Open Zoho Mail and navigate to Settings.
2. Choose Mail Settings → Select Export/Import.
3. Under Export Option → Select the folder from which you want to export emails.
4. Select the duration from drop down box and click submit.
5. To export the complete folder, select “Export all Messages” → Click Export.

6. The conversion process will start for the emails in the desired folder on the parameters set by you.
7. You will receive a notification email with a link to download the emails as a .zip file.
8. The notification mail will be received by the same account from which you are exporting the mails.

Note: Please ensure that you are accessing the link from your webmail and are also logged in to your Zoho account.

Steps to Export Data from EML Files to Thunderbird

1. Open EML files and at the same time open Thunderbird on your machine.
2. Now, press CTRL+A and choose all the EML files.
3. Drag and drop the selected files to Thunderbird.

But this procedure can be risky as there are chances that system might stop working while migrating a large number of files. And there is more risk of data corruption as well.

Technique 2: Backup Zoho to Thunderbird

Steps to configure Zoho Account in Thunderbird

1. Open Zoho Mail and enable POP in Zoho Mail interface.
2. Install Thunderbird on your machine.
3. Choose Tools → Select Account Settings → Add New Account Settings.
4. Select Manual Configuration in the window that appeared on the screen.
5. Provide Display name, Email Address and account password.
6. The user may require “Application Specific Password” to set up the account in more than one devices if two-factor authentication is enabled.
7. Provide the server Hostname as pop.zoho.com and smtp.zoho.com for incoming and Outgoing servers respectively.
8. Choose the Port numbers as '995' and '465' respectively.
9. Please ensure that Authentication type is selected as “Normal Password” for both servers.
10. Provide the “Email Address” as your username.
11. Click Done button to save all the changes and proceed to export Zoho to Thunderbird.

Limitations of Manual Techniques

The above Manual Technique is quite lengthy and time-consuming. The users who are going for this Manual Approach must be technically sound as this approach is complex to perform. Users must ensure that both the email clients Outlook as well as Windows Live Mail are installed on the system before migrating Zoho in Thunderbird.

Technique 3: Professional Utility

To make the migration process easy and to reduce the time duration, users can opt SysTools Zoho Backup utility. Using this software, users can easily create the backup the complete data of Zoho Mail by maintaining its integrity and gives an option to the users to set up Zoho Mail in Thunderbird. The credentials of Zoho Mail is required to accomplish this migration procedure.


Sometimes to avoid the disastrous conditions it becomes mandatory for the user to backup the data. In this era of technology, there are various users who are searching for a solution to export Zoho to Thunderbird. In the above-discussed article, we are providing two solutions to perform Zoho Backup and set up Zoho Mail in Thunderbird.


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