Friday, 10 November 2017

Save Yahoo Mail as EML File Format – Backup on Hard Drive

The use of email services for personal as well as business communication purposes cannot be ignored in today’s era. Yahoo Mail forms are one of the most popular web-based email applications and are used by a large number of users worldwide. The web-based email application poses a grave security threat as well and the user is always apprehensive if the data on the Yahoo Mail is safe on the cloud services or not. But if users save Yahoo mail as EML format then the data on the cloud can be saved on the hard drive. There is a possibility that the data may get damaged or inaccessible from the cloud. Therefore, it important to download Yahoo emails to computer as a backup. Once a user asked:

"Hey! I am unable to access my Yahoo emails and I do not know the reason why. Now I want to be cautious and save my emails on the system. I have a rough idea that the single emails can be saved in EML file format. But since I do not have any technical knowledge about the method to save the Yahoo mail as .eml file, could you please guide me in getting the emails to my local system?"

Exporting of Yahoo mails to EML file format is done in order to save each email in the computer system. With this, you can download your Yahoo Mail and can access them even in offline mode. Following are some methods to convert and save Yahoo mail as EML file format; thus resolving many users’ queries.

Reasons to Save Yahoo Emails as a Backup

Yahoo Mail application by itself is a reliable way to send and receive emails. But there are some external factors which may affect the data stored in the user’s Yahoo account and hence affect the overall performance of Yahoo Mail. Some of the factors are:

  • 1. Hacking of the user’s Yahoo account
  • 2. Attack by virus and malware
  • 3. Corruption of the stored data

No doubt, all the data is stored in the cloud services, but if anything goes wrong then the user may not be able to access the server and there are chances of data loss. So, it is always advisable that the data should be saved as a backup on the local system so that the emails can be retrieved easily whenever needed as in case of data loss or for offline viewing.

Method to Save Yahoo Mail as EML

User’s Yahoo email account can be synchronized to any of the email clients available. Some of the popular email clients available are Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and Outlook Express etc. Then the user needs to download each and every email in the EML file format. The email client needs to be installed in the system and all the emails should be synchronized using IMAP configuration settings. After configuration of data, you can save email messages in the local hard drive as EML file format.

Limitations of the Manual Method

The manual method of saving Yahoo mail in EML file format has some limitations like:

  • 1. The manual method is the best approach when the emails to be saved are far less. But if the emails to be stored are in bulk, then this method is very time-consuming. It is because the process will take a lot of time to save required emails individually.
  • 2. For EML file conversion, a user is required to install the email client like Thunderbird on the system. Now, this is the obvious disadvantage because the application will consume the hard disk space. If the user is facing a shortage of hard disk space, then the installation of any application will not be helpful.
  • 3. The process of saving Yahoo mail as EML format does not guarantee any user related to data safety. There are chances that there is a loss of data when the user accesses his Yahoo Mail account from other email clients.

Automated Solution to Export Yahoo Mail to EML

If the user has a bulk number of emails that are important to be saved then the professional approach like SysTools Yahoo Backup Tool works out the best. There is no such limitation when it comes to any tool. With the help of this application, one can save Yahoo mail as EML file format directly in a hassle-free way. This method is very easy and convenient. It saves a lot of time and efforts of the user to accomplish the task.

The Bottom Line

This article discusses the possible methods to save Yahoo mail as EML file format in user’s hard drive. A manual method is also mentioned in this blog which is quite time-consuming and does not ensure data safety. But an easy way out can be a professional application that can assure a user that the data is safe and secure. One can retrieve a bulk number of emails in plenty of time without any efforts.


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