Thursday, 2 November 2017

Import Mail from Yahoo to Thunderbird- Effortless Solutions

The Yahoo is considered as the third largest web-based email service in all over the world. Several users prefer to change from one platform to another due to a number of email applications are increasing day by day. But, this switching procedure is not an easy task, because most of the applications are platform dependent. Import Yahoo contacts to Thunderbird is one of these types of conversion. The majority of Yahoo users want to migrate to some other email application because of some or the other purposes like want a desktop email client, switching from job, etc. So, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss the manual as well as automated approaches to export mail from Yahoo to Thunderbird.

Needs to Transfer Email from Yahoo to Thunderbird

There are several reasons why a user want to switch from Yahoo to Mozilla Thunderbird account, few of the causes behind this conversion are listed below:

  • • Issue to manage a large number of emails due to continuous increase in the Yahoo database size.
  • • Some users find the interface is difficult to operate the application.
  • • User can’t save or backup Yahoo email to the hard drive.
  • • The user cannot access the emails in an offline mode.

Why to Choose Mozilla Thunderbird Over Yahoo?

The needs for selecting Thunderbird email client to transfer the data from Yahoo Mail is mentioned below:

  • • It can access all the data without any internet connection.
  • • Provides option to locally save emails, contacts etc.
  • • Provision to organize events, contacts, appointments, etc.
  • • Thunderbird can share the data among different users.

Due to the above-mentioned advantages, most of the users are searching for the methods to export Yahoo to Thunderbird. Before going to the solutions, you can read the query to make the topic more clear:

“I am using Yahoo Mail from the past five years. Now, I decided to move my emails and contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird. But the problem is I don’t know how to backup yahoo mail using Thunderbird. Please suggest any solutions for me. Thanks.”

How to Add Yahoo to Thunderbird Manually

The step by step procedure to Import Yahoo contacts to Mozilla Thunderbird:

Step 1: Go to the “options” from the Yahoo Mail.
Step 2: Select “Mail” option and then choose “Contacts” option.
Step 3: Click on the “Import/Export” option.
Step 4: Under the “Thunderbird” option select the “Export Now” option.
Step 5: Type the security code and then select the “Export Now” button. Then save the yahoo_xy.ldif file to the PC.
Step 6: Open Thunderbird and click on “Tools”.
Step 7: Click on the “Import” option and then go to the Address Books.
Step 8: Select the LDIF text file and then click “Next” option.
Step 9: Then finally you can select the yahoo_xy.ldif file.


There are some users who find the manual approaches time-consuming and some what tricky also. And as per the above manual method, there isn’t any limitation except that this method can export contacts only, they cannot transfer the calendars, emails, etc.

Alternative Way to Migrate from Yahoo to Thunderbird

To overcome the above limitations, it is suggested to go for a third-party software. The SysTools Yahoo Backup is one such automated utility, it allows the user to export Yahoo Mail folders to Thunderbird in a perfect manner. Because of the user-friendly interface even a non-technical user can add Yahoo email to Thunderbird without any expert help.

Some highlighted features of Yahoo Backup Tool is listed below:

  • • The tool provides an option to apply mail filter by date.
  • • It can save emails from all folders of single & multiple user accounts.
  • • Provision to download the email attachments from Yahoo Mail.
  • • The utility provides an option to remember the credentials.
  • • The Yahoo Backup software can maintain and show recent history.
  • • Provides an option to set internet bandwidth and time slot.


After reading this article, we can conclude that the conversion from Yahoo to Thunderbird is not a tedious task. With the help of manual method described in this blog, you can perform the importing process. But, it has some limitations like time-consuming and you can export the Yahoo contacts only. So, to avoid these drawbacks, you can use any hassle-free third-party tool. The Yahoo Backup software mentioned in this article can perform the conversion process in an easy and convenient manner.


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