Monday, 11 September 2017

Learn How to Save Yahoo Emails to Computer in Simple Steps

save Yahoo emails to computer

Today, everyone is connected through the web email services. Yahoo is one of the web-based email clients which is used to send or receive email messages. It provides safe emailing to the user but due to some issues in the servers, you cannot access your Yahoo mails. Therefore, you need to save Yahoo emails to computer as a backup. It can help you to access them in an offline mode. You can also share those emails through removable devices, or through any other email application. So, you can backup Yahoo mail for the safety purpose. Once a user asked:

“Hello! I am a Yahoo user and I don’t know how to save emails from Yahoo mail to computer. But I am unable to get the accurate solution to transfer my hundreds of emails to the local disk. Please provide a solution so that I can access them in an offline mode. Thanks!!”

Need to Download Yahoo Emails to PC

There can be many reasons due to which a user wants to backup all the Yahoo mail messages to his computer. One’s data will be preserved and can be accessed anytime. Some of the reasons are listed:

  • 1. Some emails are very important but not frequently checked. That email can be deleted or lost if kept for so long. Therefore, you need to save Yahoo emails to computer before it gets deleted.
  • 2. These emails can be accessed in an offline mode. You require an internet connection to login and access your emails in Yahoo. But if you save those emails then you can access them anytime from your system.
  • 3. It is suggested that one should never depend on any online mail service as their servers can be collapsed at any point of time and you can lose your data. So backup is the only solution.
  • 4. If your account gets hacked then also you can lose your important emails. Save Yahoo emails to desktop in order to ensure data safety.
  • 5. Any kind of virus infection can also restrict access to your Yahoo emails.

Save Yahoo Emails to Computer Locally

It is mandatory to avoid conditions as discussed above. It would be better if you take the local backup of your Yahoo emails. In this way, your data will remain safe and secure. Following are the four methods to keep the data in a safe state:

  • 1. Copy all the Yahoo emails to MS Word one by one and save the emails.
  • 2. You can open your emails in any other email client and access them using POP or IMAP configuration. It will not affect the original emails in your Yahoo account.
  • 3. You can forward your emails to any other email address or to any other email account.
  • 4. You can archive Yahoo mails to hard drive. In this method, your selected email messages get saved in the single folder in the specified location.
  • 5. You can also move your emails from Yahoo to Outlook and access your data easily in another email client.  

Limitations of Manual Approaches

There are many drawbacks to save Yahoo emails to computer with the help of these methods. Some are listed:

  • 1. If you are copying the messages then you will not get the original formatting of the email. It is a time-consuming process as you are saving the bulk number of emails one by one.
  • 2. Creating a new email ID is not much preferred by most of the users. Therefore, you need to have any other email account to transfer your emails to any other account.
  • 3. You cannot backup the attachments along with the emails by the discussed techniques.
  • 4. These methods are time-consuming and lengthy. It is difficult for a non-technical user to perform the following approaches.

Automated Solution to Save Emails from Yahoo to Hard Drive

To overcome the following limitations of the manual techniques, you can use Yahoo Backup Tool to download the email messages on your computer in a safe manner. The solution is quite reliable and keeps the formatting same as of the original one. The tool is compatible with Windows 10 and all the below versions. You can backup all your data including emails, attachments, meta data, etc by keeping the folder structure and source data intact. There will be no data loss when you save Yahoo emails to computer.

Final Words

In the following article, we have discussed the need and importance of saving Yahoo mails. All the simple and possible ways are mentioned to overcome user’s problems. You can save your data and time with the help of the third party tool. A non-technical user can also understand and save Yahoo emails to computer efficiently.


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