Thursday, 21 September 2017

Know How to Import vCard to Nokia Lumia in a Seamless Manner?

Looking for a solution to move contacts from vCard to Nokia Lumia 920. Do not know how to do this in an efficient manner. No need to panic. Here, you will get answers to all your queries in the most appropriate way. And, easily learn how to import vCard to Nokia Lumia without any loss of data.

Nokia Lumia is a unique range of the mobile devices developed by the Microsoft. All these Lumia smartphones basically run on Windows operating system. As there are number of Lumia phones available in the market that offers many new features to its users. Therefore, in past few years, Nokia Lumia has reached the height of popularity. Due to which users have started switching to Lumia 520/ 920 or other versions to avail all such benefits. Now, the most important part of any mobile phone is its contacts. If a user is switching to some new phone like Nokia Lumia, then he or she must have to move contacts also to it. So, one such common query asked by the users is how to import vCard to Nokia Lumia? Thus, in this below article, we have discussed a free of cost solution to import VCF to Nokia Lumia 520.

Suggestion: Another possible way to save your old vCard contacts at some safe location is in MS Outlook. Now, you must be having n number of contacts. So, to import multiple VCF files to Outlook at once, you can use vCard Importer tool. It is the best solution to import VCF file to MS Outlook without any hassle.

Different Manual Ways to Import vCard to Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia is a Windows Phone that does not provide any option to import vCard file directly into it. A user has to look for some other method to do the same. Like, import vCard to Gmail and then, sync Gmail in Nokia Lumia 520 or other versions. Hence, in this segment of the post, we have tried to cover all possible manual solutions to import VCF to Nokia Lumia.

Import VCF to Nokia Lumia 520 Via Gmail

In order to import vCard files to Nokia phone, all editions in a best possible way are with the help of Google account. First of all, import vCard to Gmail account and after that, you need to sync the Gmail account in Nokia Lumia phone.

1. First of all, open your Gmail account by entering valid credentials i.e., username and password.

2. After that, click on the arrow next to Gmail and then, click on the Contacts option the Contacts.

3. Then, click on the More and choose Import Contacts option.

4. After that, click on Choose File button to select the vCard and click on Open button.

5. In last, click on the Import option to begin the import process.

6. Now, you can easily sync your Gmail account with your Nokia Lumia phone and all your contacts in vCard imported successfully to your Nokia Lumia 520 or other versions.

It is one of the most commonly used and reliable methods to move VCF files to Nokia Lumia 520/ 920 and other versions.


Migration of contacts from one device to another is the most crucial task to perform. It is because, if a user loses any of the contacts from the vCard file, it will result in big loss of data. However, contacts are the most important part of anyone's phone. So, it is always advised to move them carefully. One such case is import vCard to Nokia Lumia 520 and other versions. Now, to do this properly, we have discussed a complete manual solution that a user can use without any difficulty.


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