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How to Migrate Spicebird to Thunderbird: Find Trouble Free Solution

Spicebird to Thunderbird: A Hassle-Free Approach to Import Emails

Nowadays, migration from one email client to another has become a trend among home and enterprise users. It becomes difficult for an individual to switch between email applications since there is no proper solution for the same. But many are searching for a solution to transfer emails from Spicebird to Thunderbird. Therefore it is the reason why this article discusses the methods on migrating emails along with the attachments from one email client to another like Mozilla Thunderbird.

Consider the Scenario Related to Importing Spicebird Mailbox to Mozilla Email Client

“Hello, guys! Since last 3 years, I am using a Spicebird email program. I access it to manage all my personal information, including electronic messages. But, due to some security reasons, now I have decided to migrate all emails Spicebird to Mozilla Thunderbird. As such, I am not finding any effective approach for the same. Someone, Please help me out in finding a solution for the same!”

There are many such Spicebird users who are putting forward the related queries for transferring the mailbox. Therefore, to troubleshoot the problem of these clients, we are providing relevant approaches for the Spicebird emails to Mozilla Thunderbird migration.

Why We Need to Convert Spicebird to Thunderbird

The Spicebird is an absolutely free email product with open source feature within it. The tool provides service of emailing, managing tasks, calendar, contacts information, etc. It stores its electronic messages in MBOX file format at a default location i.e.,
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\spicebird
With the arrival of new technologies, users are now looking for a method to move sent items, inbox items of the Spicebird mailbox to Mozilla Thunderbird. It is because Thunderbird is more popular and effective in working when compared with Spicebird. Therefore, if someone wants to prefer Thunderbird instead of Spicebird then you are on the correct platform for finding a solution to the same.

It is a well-known fact that Spicebird does not provide any option for exporting its email messages. i.e, the users need to generate a backup of the mailbox file from source program i.e. first create a MBOX file for the Spicebird mailbox. And then, that .mbox file needs to be uploaded into Mozilla Thunderbird. For migrating the backed up file, the right solution is to go for a third party tool called Thunderbird Import Wizard. Thus the complete process of converting all emails of Spicebird to Thunderbird can be done.

Export Emails from Spicebird to Thunderbird

To move all the emails from Spicebird, there are two steps to follow. Well, the first thing you need to do is to have backup mailbox file with you. i.e. after generating the MBOX file, import that files to Thunderbird.

Step 1: Backup Spicebird Mailbox to MBOX File Format

To achieve MBOX file, follow the below-mentioned steps:
1. Open Spicebird email on your machine and choose the profile whose MBOX is required.

2. Now, hit on the mail profile of Spicebird and then go to Account Settings.

3. An Account Settings wizard will get flashed. Click on Server Settings option and copy the location provided in Local directory text box.

4. Open Windows Explorer on your machine and paste the copied location in it.
5. Rename the file having no extension with .mbox. For example: rename Inbox file with Inbox.mbox.

Step 2: Transfer Spicebird MBOX to Thunderbird: Thunderbird Import Wizard

Once you are done backing up emails manually, now open the mentioned software. This application is going to transfer the extracted backup mailbox file (MBOX) in Thunderbird without any efforts. It works with a high level of accuracy and also moves attachments of Spicebird to Mozilla email client.
The tool enables users to transfer multiple Spicebird mailbox files in Thunderbird, all in one go. It is one of the best product to convert data without causing any data corruption.

Features of Spicebird to Thunderbird Import Wizard
1. The utility completes its migration without any error message or data loss. It ensures users that it will maintain formatting throughout.
2. It allows users to store multiple Spicebird email folders to Thunderbird in bulk manner.
3. Provide a smart feature to move data in targeted Thunderbird profile only.
4. Email attributes like color, font, images, text, hyperlinks, etc., and header formatting all remain same till the end.

Steps to Import .mbox File of Spicebird to Mozilla Thunderbird

1. Launch the Thunderbird Import wizard on your system

2. Click on Add Files (for a single file) or Add Folder (for folders). Here you have to browse Spicebird backed up mailbox files.

3. Hit on Next once you are done with browsing of Spicebird files.

4. Click on Import button to start moving MBOX in Thunderbird.

5. Close the software and open Thunderbird to view the file.

Thus you view all your Spicebird emails along with attachments in Mozilla Thunderbird now.

To understand more about this product, visit:

Observational Verdict

It is impossible to export Spicebird to Thunderbird manually. But there is a manual approach for the same but, it is very much complex and hard to perform. These solutions require high technical knowledge of Thunderbird and Spicebird for a successful completion. Therefore, it is a better suggestion that clients should opt for Thunderbird Import Wizard. It is an application permitting the end user to convert/migrate Spicebird MBOX file to Mozilla Thunderbird. No matter what is the size of Spicebird mailbox file, the utility will support file of any size. In addition to this, the tool is smartly designed with an easy-to-use interface. It means there is no need to have high knowledge of source or targeted email clients.


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