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Recover Deleted Email From Thunderbird with X-Mozilla-Status

Simplest Way How to Recover Permanently Deleted Email From Thunderbird

Most of the users have an unpleasurable experience of Thunderbird because they have deleted their email messages from Inbox as well as Trash folder by mistake. Moreover, it is really difficult if the deleted mail contains an important information. When users have faced such situation, then, they must have to recover deleted emails from Thunderbird. In the following section, we are going to discuss different approaches to Recover Deleted Email From Thunderbird in an efficient way. Here, the most common query that a user faced as discussed below:

"I have accidentally deleted my latest emails or archives folder and now, I realized that those messages also wipe out from my Inbox as well as Trash. Can anyone tell me that Is there any possibility to retrieve all deleted email from thunderbird?"

Note: Make sure that all emails are actually accessible in the Trash folder. This feature act as a Recycle Bin that permits the user to check the required information is available or not.

Here, in the following section, we are going to discuss an excellent approach that will help to recover permanently deleted emails from Mozilla Thunderbird.

Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails from Mozilla Thunderbird

Users can restore all email messages from Thunderbird that are deleted accidentally. Now, there are three different ways available to perform the recovery operation. It totally depends on how the MBOX files have been corrupted. Garbage collection in MBOX header might be the reason for corruption or some system related problems may affect the local storage that causes to Recover Deleted Email from Thunderbird. Let us discuss the following procedure that helps to repair corrupted MBOX data:

Approach 1. Using Repair Folder Option

In Mozilla Thunderbird, each .mbox file represents the folder for mail messages. Therefore, with the help of a built-in way to repair the MBOX file is also known as Repair Folder. Each MBOX data created for an account that is associated with MSF file extension. This file contains each detail with the corresponding MBOX file.

This option is used if the MBOX files become corrupted and users must need to restore MBOX data with these index files (.msf). If such file get corrupted, some messages are missing from the desired folder or deleted email keeps reappearing in it.

Approach 2.  With Folder Compaction

According to this method, the users can delete or compact Outlook data files and it will also help to Recover Deleted Email From Thunderbird. In simple term, the users can perform MBOX recovery by deleting the folder index file and sometimes, it may happen that the mailbox get corrupted. Also, the users can compact the email folder after switching all messages to other folders and replace it.

Approach 3. Using X-Mozilla-Status Header

Go through the following steps through which users can restore the lost and deleted mail or recover permanently deleted emails from Mozilla thunderbird by modifying the status header:

a) Open the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client. Then, select demo mail which is used for demonstration and removing the email from Inbox or trash folder as shown below

b) Next, go to the Default Location of Thunderbird email application

OR Start Run command prompt and type the following in text box

Remember: If the users specified location that they have already mentioned while configuring Mozilla Thunderbird. Then, user can find the desired location using Options>>Account Settings>>Server Settings>>Local Directory

c) According to above-stated location users can find all files such as Inbox, Trash, Sent items and so on with .msf extension. Select required files apart from MSF file to Recover Deleted Email From Thunderbird and choose open with notepad option. Select Inbox option as displayed below:

d) Scroll all files where the users will get the X-Mozilla-Status that contains all deleted emails which have been erased from Inbox as well as Trash folder. But users unable to restore them from here. Even the user can view only the status of each email

e) To Recover Deleted Email From Thunderbird, users need to do the conversion from MBOX files to PST

f) Now, append the above-stated Inbox File tool that will allow the users to import all MBOX data and restore the deleted messages from Thunderbird email client

g) After that, the users will able to view the email message that was deleted accidentally from a mailbox in Software pane even if the Thunderbird and MS Outlook are not installed on the computer system

h) This software will help the users to migrate all the emails to PST format that can neglect in Outlook environment.

Final Thoughts

All of sudden, user may delete their email messages from Thunderbird and they want Recover Permanently Deleted Emails from Mozilla Thunderbird them anyhow. Also, consider a query that users have faced along with this, we have mentioned the manual workarounds to recover all the deleted emails from Mozilla Thunderbird. Moreover, this conversion tool is recommended to regain the erased email messages from Thunderbird in the simplest way. In addition, users have to follow above steps carefully that will help to retrieve the lost emails & Recover Deleted Email From Thunderbird within just a few seconds.


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