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Outlook 2003/07/10/13/16 Deleted Items Folder Missing

Outlook is the personal information manager Email Client from Microsoft, & is a part of MS Office Suite. This serves as an email application as well as a calendar in MS Office Package. The Outlook Email client has many versions like Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016. These versions include some extra or additional features. Thus, here in this article, we are going to describe Outlook 2003/7/10/13/16 deleted items folder missing scenario.

Main Features of Outlook 2007:

1. Changes in User Interface
• The addition of ribbons to certain forms of contents
• some common functions are on the Messages, Insert, & Format Text tabs
• The Office button has been replaced by File menu button
• Quick access to toolbar customization

2. The Calendar Updates
• The To-do bar shows the calendar, newly arrived messages in one place
• Upgraded calendar with a task view
• Can easily share your schedule with others

3. Improvement in Search
• Can easily search for Outlook items

Main Reasons for Outlook 2007 Deleted Items Folder Missing Error

Outlook is the most used email client among users, but sometimes users come up with some errors that result in no access to the Outlook account. Among those errors, one such is Outlook Deleted Items folder missing error. This Error basically occurs when the Deleted folders go missing from MS Outlook or when Outlook stops working. There are many times when deleted Outlook folders go missing or hidden from Outlook 2003/07/10/13/16. The data folders of Outlook can be lost due to the reasons which are stated below:
• Virus attack to Outlook
• Software basically conflicts in the working
• Corruption with Outlook 2007 configuration

Manual Methods to Solve Microsoft Outlook Deleted Items Folder Missing Error

There are many reasons or some unknown facts through which there is an unavailability of Deleted folders in Outlook files. But there are some cases when these deleted items or the folders that are missing can be extracted by following the manual methods which are discussed below:

Method 1:
Create new profile & check if it is being displayed

Method 2:
Start Outlook 2007, Go to Start -> Run -> type “outlook.exe / resetfolders” cmd.

Method 3:
In the case of no deleted items folder in outlook 2007, you can try the inbuilt functionality of Diagnose & repair facility which is provided by MS Office.

Method 4:
One main reason for this error is that you don’t have a delete folder in the IMAP account.

To see the folders which are available for your IMAP account follow the steps which are mentioned below:

• First, select “Inbox” folder of IMAP account
• Now select “Folder” tab from the ribbon
• Click “IMAP folders”
• A dialog box will appear with a query button, press the button
• Select all folders which you want in Outlook’s
• Now click the subscribe button
• Then click OK

Create Folders to Resolve Outlook Deleted Folder Missing Error

If the IMAP account does not hold deleted folder now also, you can create them manually. You can do this by selecting New Folder button on the Folder tab.

While trying to make a folder you can be stuck with this type of error:

In this scenario, it is clear that your IMAP account will not accept a new root level folders. You can now create these folders as the sub folders or the children's folders of the inbox folders.

Assign the Folders

Now the deleted folders have been created on your IMAP account, you can now configure MS Outlook to use or work with those folders as such. This happens when you delete the very first message after creating these folders.

If this does not happen you can get the folders manually in a below-mentioned way in case of Outlook 2003/7/10/13/16 deleted items folder missing.

1. Open IMAP account settings
2. Press More Settings button
3. Now press the Sent items tab
4. Now select “save sent items in the folder on the server” option
5. After that select the folders you want to store these items into
6. Select the Delete item tab
7. Now select “Move deleted items to the following folder on the server” option
8. Select that folder you need to store the deleted items
9. Press OK to close the settings
10. Click on Next & then finish to confirm the changes
11. press Close to close the account settings

If none of the above solutions works then you can refer any third party tool to recover deleted folder missing error and can easily make use of the software to fix outlook 2003/7/10/13/16 deleted items folder missing scenario.

Expert Solution

With SysTools Outlook Recovery Tool you can easily recover missing deleted folder in Outlook. The software can easily fix corrupt or damaged OST file issue. Also, it allows you to recover deleted Outlook OST files in just a few simple steps. It is also capable in removing minor as well as major corruption from the corrupted Offline storage file.


There can be various situations like deleted folder missing from Outlook 2013. So to solve this error one need to restore those missing deleted folders. Here we have used some manual methods which will help you fix Outlook 2003/7/10/13/16 deleted items folder missing. But there are some limitations of these methods like they are cumbersome, lengthy and time-consuming. So keep those limitations in mind we have introduced you with Outlook Recovery tool which will recover the error Microsoft Outlook 2007 deleted items folder missing.


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