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Easy Way to Sync Data from Gmail to Thunderbird Email Account

Gmail to Thunderbird: Configure your Gmail Account in Mozilla Email Client

Did you know that you can access your Gmail account inside the Thunderbird (Mozilla Email Account)that is a desktop based email client? Gmail is a convenient efficient email service on the web. Thunderbird makes it easy for all the people to manage both Gmail and Thunderbird account on the same interface without facing any problem. Thunderbird makes it easy to access a Gmail account. It’s just done in few settings & all you need is only your Gmail credentials. So, we can easily migrate from Gmail to Thunderbird. Here we are showing you method for moving your account using manual method & using third party tool.

Methods to Sync Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird

There are various methods for moving your Gmail account to a Desktop email client. The first method is by configuring the web account to a desktop that is one of them that all of us do. The second method is to use one of the Google services that are Google takeout that backup our data. All these are manual methods. The third or last method is to use a third party tool to move emails from Gmail account to Thunderbird.

How to Configure Gmail Mailbox to Mozilla Email Account

For configuring Gmail account in Mozilla Thunderbird the user needs to enable IMAP in their Google’s Gmail account. The IMAP is better than the POP3; So, we use IMAP to sync Gmail to Thunderbird. Follow the below steps:

  1. 1. Firstly, Log-in your Gmail account & enable the IMAP in the Settings under Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab & click on Save Changes button.
  2. 2. Now open Thunderbird go to File >> New >> Existing Mail Account.
    Go to Tools >> Account Settings >> a new window opens click bottom left Account Actions >> Add Mail Account.
  3. 3. After this Mail Account Setup window opens; Fill Your Name, Email address of Gmail & Password of Gmail then click on Continue button.
  4. 4. Select IMAP(remote folders) & click on Manual config button.
  5. 5. Now we have to manually change the settings under Server hostname section.
  6. Incoming: / Port:993 / SSL: SSL/TLS / Authentication: Autodetect.
  7. Outgoing: / Port:25 or 465 / SSL: SSL/TLS / Authentication: Autodetect.
  8. The Username will be your Gmail ID.
  9. 6. Click Re-test.

Now if you entered everything correctly then this will be completed successfully & you can click on Create Account button.

For now, after you can easily check your Gmail in Thunderbird by clicking on Read messages or Inbox.

Setup your sent folder properly

  1. 1. Thunderbird >> Tools >> Account Settings >> Copies & Folders: set Place a copy into Sent Items on the mail server.
  2. 2. Restart Thunderbird.

How to Backup Gmail to Thunderbird

In this, you can get all your data backed up using a service provided by Google that is Google takeout that is used to backup your data to MBOX file format & other formats also. By Exporting all the data you can move it to the Desktop based email client(Thunderbird).

Steps for taking backup your Gmail to MBOX are:

  1. 1. Firstly, Log-in to your Gmail account.
  2. 2. Type URL- in the next tab, Now select the products to include in backup & configure the settings for each product & click Next.
  3. 3. Now Customize the archive format select File, Archive size-1GB to 50GB & select the Delivery Method as you want it & click Create Archive.
  4. 4. After this, the process is starting to back up your data & it shows a message on the screen that “Please note that archives may take a long time (hours or possibly days) to create. You will receive an email when your archive is complete.”
  5. 5. Click on Manage archives and it shows to download the file click on Download button. Now it lets you log-in again for verification after that it starts downloading the backup file.

Now your backup is ready to transfer into Thunderbird.

Steps to Move MBOX file to Thunderbird are:

  1. 1. Open Thunderbird account and go to Tools.
  2. 2. Select "Add-ons" from the Tools menu.
  3. 3. Select the ImportExport Tool and Click "Install”.
  4. 4. Now, restart Mozilla Thunderbird. Select "Import/Export in .mbox format" from the "Tools" menu. Click "Import mbox file."
  5. 5. Select the MBOX file you want to import and click "Open."

Master solution: Configure Gmail in Thunderbird

As we see above all the manual methods that need a full internet connection or many technical steps to complete the process. For the manual configuration, a non-technical user will get stuck in it. Here is a master solution for download Gmail emails to MBOX using Gmail Backup tool. With the help of this tool, you can export Gmail to Thunderbird. It is easily operated by technical as well as non-technical both users. Having user-friendly environment. Now it will give you the backup in MBOX file that you can transfer in Mozilla Thunderbird account.

For moving MBOX file to Thunderbird you have to download the Add-on of Import/Export tool in Thunderbird. After that, you start the process. So, as you see that the manual method of moving MBOX to Thunderbird is too lengthy; Here is the Thunderbird Import Wizard tool that helps you to import multiple MBOX files into Mozilla profile in just a few clicks.


In this article, we get to know all the manual & third party methods to migrate from Gmail to Thunderbird. After comparing the results. It is suggested to go for an automated solution as it completes the process in few clicks, saves the time, having full security to our data & no chances of data loss and file corruption.


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