Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Reasons to Get an EPUB to PDF Converter Now

Whosoever is into eBook reading, deals in electronic documents, or is involved in electronic paperwork must be familiar with the electronic document formats. EPUB and PDFs are the most common document formats available published online for eBook purposes, online documentations, as forms, etc. However, two stallions cannot share one stall. Thus, it has been observed that a number of users look for EPUB to PDF converter. Even though both the document types vary largely, it is not necessary to rate one better than other. Each of these documents are largely into use by publications, lawyers, educational institutions, businesses and home based users. Therefore, officially both the document files hold equal importance amongst users, though on a technical level they vary. This blog will be pointing out the respective difference, i.e. PDF over EPUB along with the possible ways to get the conversion done.

What Makes PDF Better Than EPUB Document?

1. PDF files are readable on all platforms equally without any difficulty surfaced. Whether you read a PDF file on Mac OS or on PC, it is the same for all. Moreover, mobile phones earlier did not have an equal support shared but now they do. Thus, if you convert EPUB to PDF you are on the benefiting end for sure.

2. Popular More than 150 million documents available publicly are of PDF format (as per Adobe’s official website) and not EPUB. This clearly shows the statistics and shows a clear picture of what is better and how much it worth Exporting EPUB files to PDF.

3. Versatility is one more aspect that makes PDF preferable over EPUB. PDFs are helpful for creating notes, annotate, highlights, comments, etc. A document that does more than just one thing it is meant to do is more preferable than a document that is meant for plain reading purpose.

4. Popularity of PDFs as compared to EPUBs bags it another advantage. More than 2000 vendors currently on a global platform are offering solutions for PDF files, which includes creation tools, support tools, plugins, extensions, training, etc. There is much more to explore in a PDF than in an EPUB. Looks like it is time you get your own EPUB to PDF reader now.

5. Who would want to document information without an assurance of security? Probably not you, and not anyone else too, thankfully PDF ensures that it does not even happen too. There is more than one type of protection supported by PDF and just one by EPUB.

a.) EPUB can only be protected by DRM or Digital Rights Management. This is a rights management security, which ensures that anyone who uses the document is unable to copy or edit it. It is just a right publishers own over the document but does not act as a requisition.

b.) PDF files can be protected with two types of passwords and DRM too. You can either protect a PDF with user password (document open password) to lock the complete document. Otherwise, you can keep it open for viewing but restrict certain functions as per the preference (copy, edit, extract, comment, print, etc.)

6. EPUB files are good for plain simple reading. Plain and simple text stored inside a document. You cannot have images, links, hyperlinks, anything to distract (or entertain you). PDFs are more formatting friendly documents that consist of text of based content but along with a combination of graphics, photographs, charts, tables, and more to make the reader’s experience more interactive. Getting an EPUB to PDF converter is going to be a beneficial deal.

7. With an EPUB document, you cannot jump to a certain page in the middle of your reading. Why? Ask yourself, you chose to read an EPUB file over a PDF. EPUBs come with re flowing text, or in web language, are responsive. The document rearranges the text size and layout as per the screen size unlike a PDF. However, due to this the number of pages varies in an EPUB document, which makes it impossible for the document to have page numbers, also unlike PDF.

Available EPUB to PDF Converter Options

Probably the list of reasons stated above is more than enough to decide on which document type is better. Now that you have decided to make a switch, it is better to go for a good conversion solution only. This helps avoid complications as well as failures. Moreover, the data being processed remains intact and retains its integrity all throughout the conversion.

There are two options when using a commercial solution; online service or a third party product. Here is a difference between both in terms of document conversion:

Convert EPUB To PDF Online: This is a service as a solution. Generally, when an online solution is referred to, it is serviced on a website. You need to visit the website, upload your document, and let the service providers process it for conversion. The problem with this is that your document is being uploaded which is in the website server. Thus, the probability of misuse is higher in this case.

EPUB to PDF Document Converter: This is a third party application, a setup file for which has to be downloaded and installed on the user’s machine. You need to then run the software and load the file(s) for conversion from EPUB to PDF format. These tools are available in a variety thus, there are no limitations associated to it. You have plenty of options to choose from when selecting a tool.

SysTools EPUB to PDF Converter:

Discovering a security flaw is enough to NOT to choose an online service. Therefore, this software is recommended being the choice of majority users online for the respective conversion. The tool is not just a converter but also an EPUB to PDF batch converter, which makes it capable of converting bulk of documents at once.

Moreover, with it you can also know how to convert EPUB to PDF free using the trial version. The software features a trial edition that enables testing the product beforehand for understanding its functions and testing how it works.


PDFs are far more user friendly both; technically and in usage. What makes EPUBs good are some of its qualities as they are built with re flowing text that adjusts itself to the screen size automatically. However, on a comparative note, PDF excels an EPUB clearly making it difficult for users to stick to the latter for too long. Therefore, the role of converters comes into being. EPUB to PDF converter proves to be a wise choice owing to the security it provided to documents while processing them that is not considered by online services. Therefore, the conversion is clearly bagged by third party tools over online services and PDF over EPUB.


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