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Import Outlook to Thunderbird – View PST File in Thunderbird

This article will let you know how to import Outlook to Thunderbird. For this, we will start with an outline of Microsoft Outlook PST file and an overview of Mozilla Thunderbird MBOX file. Then, we have added some of the solutions of the common problems faced by users in their day to day life when they try to view PST files in Thunderbird. After this, we will explain the manual method. And, we will also introduce an expert solution.

Overview of PST File and MBOX File

PST File: It stands for Personal Storage Table. PST file format is used in Microsoft Outlook to save Mailbox items of Outlook mail client.

MBOX File: It is a very renowned file format. This is used by several email clients. But, here we will talk about Mozilla Firefox only. Mozilla Firefox uses this file format for saving its mailbox data items.

User Query
"I am using Microsoft Outlook email client. Now, I want to view the same mails in my Thunderbird email client. Could someone tell me How to import Microsoft Outlook PST file to Mozilla Thunderbird."
"I am trying to read Outlook .pst files in Thunderbird, but could not import my contacts, could anyone please tell me how to import my contacts with my mails. Please tell me a short and reliable solution or any software which can help me in moving Outlook files to Thunderbird."

Manual Solution to Import Outlook to Thunderbird

You can import PST files in Thunderbird by setting up Outlook as default program then apply settings in Thunderbird by following steps:
  • 1. Go to Start. Click on Control panel.  Then click on Default Programs >> Set your default program. Afterward, choose Outlook from the options in the left pane and then click on Set this program as default >> OK button.

  • 2. Now open Mozilla Thunderbird to move data items from Outlook to Thunderbird. Go to options on top of the right pane then click on Tools and then click on Import.

  • 3. Select Mail radio button and click on Next. You can choose anything to import from Outlook to Thunderbird.

  • 4. Now click on Outlook and then Next. Once you are done with these things, click on Finish for importing process.

  • 5. Now you can see that selected items from Outlook are exported to Thunderbird.

    Reliable Solution : Software to View Microsoft Outlook PST Files in Thunderbird

    According to the manual approach, one can migrate his data items from MS Outlook to Thunderbird. But that approach is a bit difficult for people who are new to these email clients. This process can also takes time to import all the items one by one. But there is nothing to worry. After understanding the need and importance of users, any user can view PST files in Thunderbird by using a trouble free expert solution. You can use this for any of the version of MS Outlook, i.e. 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. This can be called as an expert solution for getting your mail items as it is in Thunderbird. This is very helpful for users who do not have enough time to convert Outlook files to MBOX file. It will act as an automatic tool and performs the process quickly and give efficient results. Anything from the mailbox can be imported with help of this solution without any data loss.

    Salient Features of  PST File to Thunderbird Converter

    There are some complementary features in the Outlook to Thunderbird converter tool. Some are:
    • 1. The tool can convert PST file in MS Outlook to MBOX file format which can be used in Mozilla Thunderbird.
    • 2. A user can create single MBOX file for one Outlook PST file.
    • 3. There is no file size limitation. One can convert large PST file of any size. It can convert the data without any data loss. 
    • 4. Both file types of PST i.e. ANSI and UNICODE are supported by the software.  
    • 5. There is a need of MS Outlook installation in the system for the export process


    In this article, we have explained how to import Outlook to Thunderbird. In the beginning of the article, we have discussed the brief description of various file formats used by both the email clients, i.e. MS Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. After this, we have tried to solve some of the user's queries by explaining manual approaches to performing the import process i.e. save Outlook PST file to Mozilla Thunderbird. We have stated an expertise solution to solve issues that cannot be resolved by manual technique.


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