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Exchange Expert’s Tips To Convert OST to PST Format

Guide to Choose Professional OST to PST Converter for Exchange OST Conversion

In the following segment, readers will come across the guide to choose a professional OST to PST converter for Exchange OST conversion and the steps that should not be taken to avoid making the situation worse.

Users working within MS Exchange Server environment accounts get their emails and other data from; tasks, calendar, notes, contacts, etc delivered and stored to the Server as a mailbox. Of all these components, a local copy is also created which can be saved on user computer as an Outlook data file but in the format of Offline Storage Table (OST). This offline file consists of the offline Outlook data, which permits its user to work even when there is no connectivity with Exchange Server. Meanwhile, the file is synchronized with Exchange Server automatically when it regains the connection with it. However, corruption issues are surfaced repeatedly due to the limitations that offline files are bound to follow. Just like PST files, offline files also have a size limitation while sudden halt in the connectivity with Exchange or power brownout during synchronization may end up causing synch failure. Therefore, here is a guide to choose a professional OST to PST converter to convert OST to PST.

Key Culprits behind OST File Corruption

Corruption of OST files depend on a variety of technical faults, human errors, and may include hardware or application failure. Thus the need to convert OST to PST file format increases.

Meanwhile, the most persistent issues faced by Exchange OST users with their data file’s integrity are caused by the reasons discussed below;

1.  Power failure or internet connection faults encountered during synchronization may lead to synchronization failure. However, in the discussed case only the offline data is not connected to the server but remains fine otherwise. However, in cases where the situation gets severe, there is high chance that users OST might get corrupted.

2.  Similar to the issue faced by Outlook Personal Data files; even OST i.e. Offline Storage Table files are limited to store data in it up to a specific size limitation only. Hence, if you think that the size of your OST is responsible for its corruption then kindly compress the data.

3.  Failure or issues surfaced at saving OST file on your local machine are due to the storage media failure and not at your end. Corruption of even a hard disk sector may be held responsible for most of the trouble being caused.

Solution for Corrupt Offline Data File

There are plenty of ways available for resolving such OST file issues to migrate OST to PST but are not entirely effectual for all levels of recovery purposes. Hence, are not suggested to be used by users. You can check the integrity ratio of your file, try to repair it, or compact / recreate it.

1.  Integrity Check: This utility is provided as an inbuilt by Microsoft Outlook client, which allows you to check the level of damage of your OST file, is affected with. In addition, the integrity it is still left.

2.  Repair Tool: This tool scans and checks; contents of the file and the intensity of damage that it has been stricken with.

NOTE: If the damage is too much or the type of corruption is too high then there are high chances of the utility to fail and make situation even worse by still trying to resolve the issue. In worst circumstances, your data may even be lost in the forceful attempt of restoring it.

3.  Recreate OST: As these files are copies of Exchange information only, OST files do not need to be backed up. In addition, in case of deletion these can be recreated by following a few manual steps of OST file re-creation.

TIP: Rather than trying to fix the same OST file you must instead try to make a new Outlook profile only followed by a re-synchronization of OST file. In addition, if the result is still showing corruption whenever Outlook tries to synchronize OST with Server; try moving the user mailbox into a different data store in order to solve the issue.

Go For a Complete Solution Instead

These are all just manual ways of rectifying the mistakes and resolving the damage but do not guarantee an infallible solution. What is the use of trusting your OST file with such solution that could land them into more trouble?

Using third party applications to migrate OST file to PST is a better investment to make monetarily as well as trust wise too. As per our guide to choose a professional OST to PST converter to convert OST to PST is the best solution to overcome the problems discussed above. The software scans the complete OST data files before conversion. The utility comes up with an option to save and load scanned OST data files. Moreover, no any external utility is required to perform the data recovery and migration. Available at a reasonable price with a trial offered beforehand and user-friendly interface, this is one trial worth investing your time and money on.

Convert OST to PST Microsoft Free Of Trouble

1.  The application lets users repair as well as restore their lost, corrupted, broken OST files back into an intact form for being accessed all over again.

2.  The conversion of damaged offline data is offered with complete reliability, which is ensured by the level of technicalities fitted within the application.

3.  You can even execute Microsoft convert OST to PST process with our tool that offers three different file formats to migrate .ost data in i.e. PST, EML, and MSG.

4.  The OST to PST application has a multifaceted set of features that group up to serve users with a complete solution with convenience and data security guaranteed.

The Final Words

In order to examine and thoroughly examine the abilities of our technically built Microsoft converter OST to PST freeware application, you can download its free version also. The trial edition lets you preview the details to convert OST to PST easily.


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