Friday, 19 May 2017

Convert Lotus Notes to PDF: Best Way to Export NSF to Acrobat PDF Format

Export Lotus Notes NSF File to PDF Format With All Attachments

Do you want to migrate IBM Lotus Notes emails and data of on some other platform? Are you looking for a solution to convert NSF to PDF file format? Is there any manual way to export Lotus Notes emails to .pdf format? All these queries to turn IBM Notes NSF file to PDF format has a solution, which will be discussed below in this write-up. The mailbox data of IBM Notes is saved in the NSF database and this format can’t be accessed anywhere, in any other email client. The reason is no email client supports this NSF file format. In this blog, we will be going to discuss the solution to open or access Lotus Notes NSF database files in .pdf file format.

Reasons Behind Exporting Lotus Notes Emails to PDF Format

Lotus Notes has some disadvantages due to which a user wants to export NSF files in PDF format. There might be few possible reasons to migrate Lotus Notes emails to .pdf are:
  • • To save the NSF file on your local system or at some other location.
  • •IBM Notes NSF files can’t be accessed on any other platform without changing its format.
  • •Lotus Notes is an expensive application, not affordable for some small unit organizations.
  • •Needs technical skills to handle the IBM Notes application.
  • •NSF files are encrypted and can't be accessed in any other email client except IBM Notes software only.
We have also found some user queries which will clear the need to turn lotus notes email into pdf format:
"My boss has emailed me some NSF files for the upcoming project of our company. I am not using Lotus Notes and not able to open the files. Is there any way to convert Lotus Notes to PDF document?"

"Is there any manual way to export IBM Notes NSF file into .pdf file format?"

"Can anyone please tell how to convert Lotus Notes emails into Acrobat PDF?"

Manual Solution to Export IBM Notes into PDF Format

Follow the steps given below to move Lotus Notes emails to PDF:
  1. 1. Install Adobe Acrobat on your local system.
  2. 2. To perform this conversion, it is required to use PDFMaker. It is a feature in Acrobat which is used to export NSF file into PDF file.
  3. 3. After installing Acrobat, PDFMaker automatically appears in Lotus Notes and you can easily move the NSF file.
  4. 4. Open Lotus Notes and select the files to save to PDF. You can select multiple files also.
  5. 5. Go to the Action tab and select the option of Convert Selected Messages to Adobe PDF from the menu.
  6. 6. Give the location to save the converted file.
  7. 7. In order to create a particular folder then, click Save to continue. It will start converting the NSF being created and the file will open when completed.
  8. 8. Finally, you will view the list of messages at the top of the document along with each message featured on a separate page.

Reliable Solution to Export Lotus Notes Emails to PDF

Lotus Notes to PDF Converter software is one of the best and a hassle-free solution to migrate Lotus Notes email to .pdf. The tool has some advanced features which allow a user to export the IBM Notes NSF file into PDF format easily. Some of its features are:
  • The software saves the emails from an NSF file with all the attachments.
  • Lotus Notes to PDF converter retains all the metadata information such as to, cc, bcc, sent date, received date, attachments, etc. during the conversion process.
  • A status report is also generated by the program which includes the complete details of the files, such as name of the folder being migrated, subject of the email, number of items in specific folder etc.


In the above article, we have discussed a manual as well as an automated solution to convert NSF to PDF format. There are several IBM Notes users facing problem while exporting emails from Lotus Notes into PDF file format. We have discussed one of the best solutions i.e. Lotus Notes to PDF Converter software to migrate NSF files into a standard file format.


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