Friday, 19 May 2017

Batch Convert Outlook 2016/13/10 Emails to PDF with Attachments

Convert Outlook Emails to PDF with Attachments

With each passing day, the demand to convert Outlook emails to PDF with attachments is escalating and Outlook experts are addressing such queries relating to convert PST to PDF with attachments every now and then. Also, it is well-known that MS Outlook email program and Adobe software provides plug-ins for saving the mails from Outlook to PDF but where email attachments are concerned, huge issues come up, which prevent the users from saving these attachments while batch conversion of outlook email to pdf is performed. As a matter of fact, the present era is of graphical as well as legal users, where email attachments hold grave importance as they are very much necessary for maintaining several industrial projects etc.

MSG Files and PDF Files

  • MSG files were originally developed for MS outlook emailing program, wherein.MSG file format is used for saving single Outlook email inside the machine. These MSG files contain Metadata in plain ASCII format, email attachments, text as well as hyperlinks inside the main messages’ bodies.
  • PDF files are the Portable-Document-Format files used for preparing Presentations, Project Reports etc. These PDF files store complete descriptions of all topics which contain any no. of fonts/images/graphics.

Need to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF with Attachments

When varied types of needs arise, then that compels some of the users of this MS Outlook email program to migrate emails from PST to PDF with attachments. Nonetheless, with no availability of any such integrated option inside this Outlook program for saving the mails as PDF format, it becomes quite disturbing. But, this does not mean that users can’t convert Outlook emails to PDF with attachments. Using the right conversion process, one can get this job done pretty well.

Manual Process to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF including Attachments

  • • First and foremost, open the Outlook’s email account
  • • Then, select the particular email which is required to be changed to PDF
  • • And then, click in the File label
  • • After that, click Save As
  • • Now, choose a location wherein the file could be save
  • • And then, click the Drop-Down menu for “Save as Type
  • • Now, choose HTML format
  • • And then, save
  • • Next to this step, go to that saving location
  • • Here, first select and then right-click on that HTML file
  • • Open that file with Microsoft Word application
  • • And then, in the Word Document, go to File label
  • • Then go to Save As
  • • And then choose PDF
  • • Voila, the job is done!

Important to Note

If the user fails to find any PDF option in the Microsoft Word application, then he/she can find the add-ins and then download this extension for “save as PDF” to save outlook emails as pdf with attachments. But, in case of a massive no. of Outlook emails, this manual process might take a long time to complete, and also it can be very risky during batch convert outlook email to pdf. So, in such cases, automated procedures for bulk conversion of MS Outlook emails to PDF with attachments are much needed. Now, as we all know that Outlook stores the particular email messages in .MSG file format not readable in the PDF one. So, the need here is for such a solution that converts Outlook emails (.msg) to PDF file format. But, the question rests here that where to find such good tools and can the users really trust them. And the answer to this is YES! You will find such trustworthy tools online, whose demo models are available too.

Alternative Solution : PST to PDF Converter

For the purpose of bulk PST to PDF with attachments conversion, using some external solution is a highly practical decision to convert Outlook files to PDF, as such solutions deliver easy as well as quick procedures being developed by experts. This Converter used automated methodology to easily convert Outlook emails to PDF in bulk along with email attachments; not only reducing the conversion time, but also taking away the workload off the user’s shoulders. With this bulk email conversion facility, it has made into an easy and less-daunting process to be performed by even novice users. With a similar sort of concern that is of printing the mails with email attachments in Outlook 2007/2010/2013/2003 (by converting PST into PDF with attachments), the only trusted resource can be a good, system-suited MS Outlook emails to PDF converter , which also does not compel the users to install Outlook program mandatorily.


Whatever be the need like, some users face the requirement for this conversion of Outlook Emails to PDF with Attachments. In such scenarios, there is a manual method as explained above, but for lengthy conversions, this might eat up a lot of time and is not recommended as well. In such cases, commercial solutions work best.


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