Friday, 10 June 2016

Where Does Outlook Store Favorites?

Favourite, the word itself defines its speciality. There is always something favourite in things you do, tasks you perform, targets you achieve, etc. Calling something Favourite is like giving preference to it. Similarly Ms-Outlook has something for managing Favourites and this Favorite thing is nothing but the Favorites Folder by Outlook. This Favorites folder of Outlook combines different accounts in one section. All your Favorites items or folders of different accounts can be placed in one folder named as Favorites Folder.

So the question arises here is: Where does MS Outlook store its Favorites folder?

In most of the discussions users say Favorites information of Outlook is stored in Outlook.xml file, and if you need to backup Favorites folder then you have to save this Outlook.Xml file somewhere. The default location path of Outlook.xml file is :

I configured my Exchange Account with Outlook 2013 in order to check the location. However, I found out that it was wrong based on my testing. Now I deleted the Outlook.xml file but the Favorites folder is still available when I open Outlook. When I terminated Outlook, a new Outlook.xml file is generated. I tried to replace the new Outlook.xml file with the tested one and now what happened is that the new Outlook Client won’t display Favorites folder. So what I found is, Outlook Favorites folder is not stored in Outlook.xml file. If you want to access other local MS Outlook item, you can use Outlook PST Viewer to view the data file.

Where Is Outlook Favorites Folder Stored?

1. My Favorites folder is still shown as it did before, with my Outlook or Exchange Server Account.

2. I can see the same folders listed when I logged on to the account using Office Web App (OWA).

3. Outlook and OWA have their Favorites Folder synchronized. As I added a folder to Favorites in Outlook, I got the same in OWA too. You can see the same below:

4. The folder I added in Outlook is automatically added to OWA too.

5. These were the scenarios for Exchange Account. Let’s talk about the other accounts in Outlook too.

(i) When I added an IMAP account in Outlook the Inbox folder automatically got added to the Favorites folder of Outlook.

Steps To Reset Favorites:-

1. Press Window + R to start Run box> Now type “Outlook.exe\resetnavpane” and then press Enter. From here, you can reset your Favorites.

2. As you reset your Navigation pane using “resetnavpane” command, it automatically regenerates the Navigation pane for the current profile. As Navigation pane is a part of Outlook Favorites, it will reset too.

Some Default Favorites Folder of Different Account Types:-

1. Exchange Account – Inbox, Sent items, Deleted items
2. IMAP Account – Inbox
3. There is no default folder in POP3 account.7

Conclusion :-

1. Favorites folder is not stored in Outlook.xml file.
2. Information of Favorites folder is stored in mailbox.
3. Exchange and Outlook Account Favorites folder synchronizes automatically.
4. When you use Outlook with POP3 account nothing is added to Favorites folder.
5. When you use Outlook with IMAP account Inbox is added to Favorites folder.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Extract Emails From OLM File - Through Easiest Approaches

Easiest Approaches To Extract Emails From OLM File

There are number of users of apple product. OLM is an extension of Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac. These file are the database files that contains all the user’s Outlook folders such as inbox, calender, contacts, tasks. Moving from Mac OLM to PST is quite challenging task but with the help of conversion software it can be done easily. Both mail clients are availed by Microsoft but have different functionalities as one supports Outlook for Mac and other support for Windows. There are many reason for extracting emails form Outlook Mac mailbox to Outlook PST.

Reasons For Extracting Emails From OLM File

There are number of reasons due to which a user need to Extract Emails From OLM file to PST files as listed below.

1. When view options are selected and you cannot access OLM files as it hides email messages in inbox. Then there is a need to Extract Emails From OlM file.

2. When you look for new email messages and no email message are received even though there is no error or synchronization problem generated in entourage for mac. Then you required to Extract Emails From OLM File.

3. When mailing list manager or junk mail filter directing email messags to other folder or sending them to trash we have to Extract Emails From OLM File in order to access them easily.

4. May be your email account is not in send/receive schedule mode.

5. It could be Due to folder setup in web based account.

Discussing Types of OLM files:-

There are two types of files available on Mac Outlook 2011 email application

1. Outlook archive .OLM -> These files are hard to export to other applicaations.
2. .Olm -> These files are easy to export, stores and manage in Mac Outlook 2011 database in .OLM file format.

Why SysTools OLM to PST converter is an excellent tool for Extracting Emails From OLM File:-

1. Because it effectively Extract OLM file and then convert it to PST or many other file formats.
2. It generates instant preview of all emails and attachments.
3. There is a split option for large size of PST file also available.
4. It is available with an option to convert OLM archive mail folder to PST.
5. It convert all OLM email messages, contacts, notes and attachments etc.

How to use SysTools OLM to PST Converter to Extract Emails From OLM File

Steps How to Extract Emails From OLM File:-

1. Download SysTools OLM to PST converter and go to
Start-> Menu-> All program -> SysTools Outlook Mac Exporter-> Add File

2. Now Browse the respective file location and Add File. Now select the OLM file location and click open to add the OLM file to software to Extract Emails From OLM File.

3. Now Add File for scanning while scanning it shows the File Name, Size and Time Details. As this scanning process is running you can preview the emails in normal Mail Tab.

4. Click on the Attachment tab and view the attachments separately.

9. Select the email you want to export and click Export.

10. Select the File format in which you want to Export OLM file.

11. Browse and select the destination location and click export.

13. Now save the Export report in csv format.

14. Now you can check the file you have exported at the location where you saved it and Open it in PST file format.

15. Now you can check the Items exported by using Outlook Mac Exporter Software. That export all your mails to PST and then Extract emails from olm file.

These are the simple approaches discussed here how to Extract Emails From OLM File. By using these approaches you can Extract Emails From OLM File and after Extracting you can easily access them in any File Format.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Know How to Import OST to Office 365 Platform in Simplest Steps

Want to move OST to Office 365 as your exchange server is crashed and your Outlook is running in cached mode but unfortunately, you could not import OST to PST before changing your account.

Quick Solution: You can upload OST files to Office 365 using SysTools OST recovery tool.


There are many ways to migrate from OST to Office 365 one could be exchange on premises to exchange online. Where Exchange on premises sends all your mailbox data to exchange online (Office 365). But to perform this task Exchange on-premises(exchange server) have to have public presence only then it will provide an Outlook anywhere service. This could be a tedious method also to convert from OST to PST Office 365.


The another method is to import all your Outlook mailbox of OST file's data to PST file format first and then access it in Office 365 from anywhere. To do so you wont have to have connection with the exchange server. You Just need to logged in to Outlook under user domain account and MAPI profile and use the cached OST data to export it to PST. Because you cannot perform this conversion until and unless being logged in with user domain account

After you performed this conversion where your .OST mailbox data is imported into PST make sure all your OST data is in PST format and then remove the current exchange account and add a new Office 365 account.

If you upload OST to Office 365, it helps you to synchronize your mail box effectively and open a corrupt or orphaned OST file also. Moving your OST mailbox data to Office 365 can also provide you the authority to access large size of database files. To move OST data files to PST there are many software available but after getting your problem I suggest you to use a reliable software that export your OST data safely and easily to PST format.

We can go with “SysTools OST to PST Converter” because of its additional qualities and other great features.
First we discuss how to convert OST file to PST using “SysTools OST to PST converter” tool then we will discuss in last section that how to import this PST file to Office 365 environment using
“SysTools Office 365 Restore”

Listing Down the Steps to Convert OST to PST

1. Open the software and click on the browser to add the file you want to migrate from OST to PST.

2. Get a preview of the offline storage mailbox content on the display panel of the software.

3. Now choose the items you want to export to PST and select the destination type to convert OST to PST.

4. Choose the destination path to store PST output file and click on export to start the process.

Advantages of OST to PST Converter:-

The advantages that you get when you use this tool to convert OST to PST (Office 365) are as follows:

1. The tool recover damaged OST files also.
2. You can preview all files before performing the conversion.
3. It works with all windows operating systems.
4. You can preview the attachments also.

After converting your Outlook OST file to PST format you can easily access them by logged into Outlook under user domain account and MAPI profile. Because you cannot perform this inversion until and unless being logged in with user domain account. For doing so you can use another SysTools Software which is “Office 365 Restore”. This Software is all about how you can upload PST file data in Office 365. You can try this because it also recover cached data and is reliable tool too to get your ost all mailbox data which you could not able to access before in one click go with SysTools Office 365 Restore.

Some of the Additional Benefits in “SysTools Office 365 Restore” are:-

1. This tool come with no size limitation.
2. Its graphical user interface is very user friendly.
3. Complete data migration from PST to office 365.
4. It always retain the technical attributes of the data even after migration.
5. Provide selective data restoration and you can apply date wise filters to upload selective PST to Office 365.
6. You can perform restoration at any point of time.
7. It has folder orientation utility also.
8. Data restoration is done without any data overlapping with no file size limitation.
9. It has great report generation feature also.