Saturday, 19 March 2016

Upload PST to Office 365 Without Outlook - One Click PST Migration Tool

PST to an Exchange server administrator is similar to Public Folders. However, relatively PST is more difficult to tackle with when considering its individual users that do not work under the server environment. The vulnerability of PST files to mere yet majorly affecting conditions like re-imaging of a machine or hard drive failure causes a ripple of worry amongst its users. Data security can be hard to attain in the case of PST files when considered from an eDiscovery point of view. Therefore, this scenario gives rise to the question as to what can be done with a PST file to ensure its security and maintenance.

Following is a segment that focuses on the offering from PST to Office 365 migration tool as an answer to the discussed above concerns.

Upload PST to Office 365 Without Outlook

One can choose to import their locally stored PST files into the hosted Exchange mailboxes of Office 365. Read more to know how importing PST files on Office 365 helps:

1. The upload renders to the organizational needs by enabling:

  • • Archive mailboxes for users to avail added storage on mailbox
  • • Benefits of maintaining deleted items for longer duration with retention policy
  • • Permanent loss of data file or its contents can be avoided with a copy online
  • • High availability of data file with its access provided on cloud based platform

Ways To Move Outlook Data File on Office 365

Upload Via Network: In this case, you are required to upload files over a network to the storage of Microsoft Azure. Import service provided by Office 365 can then be used for copying the file to mailboxes.

Physically Ship Drive: In this case, the files need to be copied to a hard drive that is encrypted for protection from unauthorized access. The drive must then be physically shipped to Microsoft Corporation where the Datacenter department will process out the copy procedure as stated in the first procedure. Later you can import the data from Azure to your Office 365 mailboxes easily.

The steps that need to be carried out for carrying out the file upload procedure:

1. Download and install the utility named ‘PST Import Tools’

  • • When you try importing PST over network via uploading, Azure AzCopy tool download will be asked to perform
  • NOTE: Install the file in its default path predefined during the installation. When trying to encrypt PST before upload O365ImportTool.exe looks for AzCopy tool.

2. Avail the storage key and get the PST uploaded / imported on to the Azure storage using the upload URL acquired. Ensure the protected state of your file during this procedure.

3. Get the files moved to Office 365 using AzCopy tool. As an optional step, you can also download the Storage Explorer by Azure for viewing the PST files uploaded. The tool is a complete freeware utility.

4. Generate a CSV file specifying which file has to imported to which mailbox on Office 365.

5. Now create a job for PST Import within your Office 365 account. Submit the import-mapping file for PST in this step and once the job is created Import service will begin.

This is how the procedure is carried out with the help of services and utilities provided officially by Microsoft for PST file upload on Office 365. However, the procedure being a manual one requires end user efforts to be put in whereas an application of the third party source when used in its place can be beneficial for end user’s considering the convenience provided.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

View PST Files Without MS Outlook - A Utility Which Ends Outlook Environment Dependency

Travelling without your lappy?

One of my clients has described his situation when he travels without his laptop what issue he has to face while accessing his own personal folder of emails.

IssueView PST File without MS Outlook

This time I need to travel without my laptop in all the emails are stored in MS Outlook. You might be thinking I could access it from server also, but my mails automatically deleted after downloading from the server. I have stored my Outlook mailbox storage in a pen drive. The source file is in PST format. I need to open the PST file without MS Outlook through which I can read my Outlook mailbox with proper email formatting.

Suggested Solution: There are some viewers available for free of cost. These are the alternative solution to open your PST & read complete mailbox data like emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, journal, notes & task without MS Outlook. Following are some of the Outlook PST Reader:
  • • SysTools PST Viewer
  • • for PST file
I would suggest reading Outlook PST file with SysTools PST Viewer. Let me explain the steps as easy as 1,2,3 ;)

Steps to Read Outlook Mailbox without Outlook

Start the PST Viewer Software & Browse for the PST File from your Pen drive or any other storage location.


Scan your any PST File (ANSI/Unicode) of any Outlook Version 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016


Read the PST file in proper email format without MS Outlook


External attachment could also be access in its next panel


Apart from this you can view other MS Outlook items like contacts, calendars, notes, tasks & journals


Follow the above steps whenever you need to read Outlook PST file.

Note: The above tools is a Freeware.

Conclusion: I generally read my PST files without MS Outlook, therefore I have added this free utility in my toolkit. Whenever you got stuck to check your mail in the absence of MS Outlook just google SysTools PST Viewer. As it also resolves your storage problem of installing bulky mail client environment to open & read PST files.So i suggest yo keep it in your toolkit, it will definitely going to help you.

Some Queries Discussed
Q. When I purchase anything from an e-commerce site, I keep a copy of the mail. I need to print the email.
A. You can upgrade the version of the tool. And the limitation imposed by the tool to only view PST mailboxes get extend to the export facility which enable you to export your Outlook mailbox storage to Adobe PDF File. And PDF would be the better option to print your email.

Q. As I travel on regular basis so if I keep my PST file with me in my memory card. Can I search my emails in its interface same as MS Outlook?
A. Yes, In fact you get more advance search feature in its pro version as compare to MS Outlook.

Q. Would I be able to read my deleted emails from the PST file?
A. Yes, provided you have not deleted it from Deleted Folder also. It can access all the email folder thus deleted folder also, but make sure the emails are not deleted from this folder itself, otherwise it is a case of permanent deletion.