Friday, 19 February 2016

How to Access NSF Files with Outlook in Few Clicks

Lotus Notes & MS Outlook

Lotus Notes is a desktop-based mail application comes along with Lotus Domino server, is developed by IBM Lotus Development Corporation. Lotus notes also offers features like calendars, contact information, discussion forums, file sharing, instant messaging, user directories & blogs along with mails. Lotus notes supports NSF mail format. This  .nsf file is locally accessible only when you have Domino server installed & configured with your Lotus Notes client. Count this as its major drawback because if only you are connected with Domino server you can access your mails, calendars, archives etc.

Instead I will inform you that Outlook never make it sure that you are connected to server for retrieving your locally saved mails, contacts, tasks & archive etc. hence this fact of Lotus Notes marks it a little behind of Outlook.

Now the question rises what to do to access NSF files without Lotus Domino? Well I will give you a way to access NSF file in Outlook even without connected to Lotus Domino. Providing you a tool to access NSF files with Outlook in simple steps.

How to Access NSF file with Outlook?

You need to follow simple procedure to access Lotus Notes in Outlook. Take a look

Step-1: - Double Click on the setup & open the UI of software.

Step-2: - Click Browse to add your NSF database file.

Step-3: - Browse your names.nsf file separately for accessing your Lotus contacts in Outlook.

Note: Your contacts in Lotus Notes are stored in a single names.nsf file, you need to export it distinctly for accessing into Outlook.

Step-4: - You are provided with the feature to Select criteria. Here you can select only what you want to access along with applying filtration also.

You can apply filters like -
1. Mails you want to access from any specific date.
2. The duplicated contacts you do not want to access.
3. You can access specific tasks, journals, by applying Set option from a specific date.

Step-5: - Additionally there are more options for applying filters on your .nsf files for conversion.

1. You can split PST file if it is larger than the specified size (It will be helpful for accessing NSF emails in Outlook easily). Size can be defined by User.

2. Change location to manage the PST file, from where you can easily import the PST file in your Outlook.

Step-6: - Advance setting permits various other options like HTML formatting, remove encryption, set smtp manually, map customized folders etc. Click Apply to save changes.

Step-7: - You will pass on to the previous page after applying the changes. When you hit the Export option for starting conversion process to make NSF accessible in Outlook.

Step-8: - You can also view the export report generated in .csv format. It will display you file count of the process.

Step-9: - After exporting, now open your predestined file location to access the NSF file in Outlook.

Upshot: - Access Lotus Notes NSF File with Outlook

The Tool to Access NSF file in Outlook is an all-rounder utility. It can export your .nsf file to single PST and also split large PST files. Moreover, you can view your saved files in maintained folder structure, auto generated export report, maintains HTML formatting and many more. Hence to access Lotus Notes NSF File in Outlook, try for Free - Click Here.


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