Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Export Eudora to Outlook Completely In Simplest Steps

Eudora is an application that is supported by both Apple Mail and Windows, but is not continued in usage due to end of support. It stores data in .mbx format. The messages data store is an all ASCII text based file. In Eudora, attachments are directly accessible and can be moved or copied. Eudora supports the POP3, IMAP, SMTP protocols. Apple Mail Eudora offered a webmail service at eudoramail.com. The client has power filters that run with the help of regular expression and conditional processing of incoming, outlook messages. Apple Mail Eudora has another nice feature called smart mailboxes; these are the virtual mailboxes that appear on the sidebar with other mailboxes. These mailboxes show messages that matches the rule for mailbox when selected.


These days Eudora users are facing many problems, as Eudora store each message in standard ASCII text with each message stored as a separate file. All the attachments are directly accessible in single file, which leads to data consolidation. Eudora no longer uses regular expression for data management. There is not even an Export in Eudora but only Import is available.


You cannot Export Eudora to Outlook directly as it only has an import function. Moreover, if you still try to export Eudora directly to Outlook a dialogue box will always appear showing mailbox folder could not be opened. So we Import Eudora into Outlook Express. There are two ways to Export Eudora.

1. Export using Manual Method
2. Export using third party tool

Using Manual Method

Note → The following procedure is performed using Eudora for Windows with Outlook Express in co-existence.

Steps to Import Eudora to Outlook Express 

1. Open Outlook Express

2. Go to File Menu and Choose Import-> Messages

3. Select Eudora version in use and then click Next.

4. Browse to the location of your Eudora data.

5. Select the location and then Click Next.

6. Select All Folders or choose specific folders to import to Outlook Express and then Click Next.

7. Click Finish.

Issues with Outlook Express

1. All the attachments on sent messages will not be included.

2. The Vista replacement for Outlook Express does not include Eudora Importers.

3. This folder does not work well with nested folders in Eudora.

NOTE-> Now again there is need to export from Outlook Express to some other mail client where you can easily access your data files. To do so, we export data from Outlook Express to Outlook.

Steps to Export Outlook Express to Outlook

1. Open Outlook

2. Go to File Menu and Choose Import and Export.

3. Select Import Internet Mail and Addresses.

4. Then click Next.

5. Select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x

6. Check import mail correctly.

7. Import Address Book

8. Click Ok.

Using Third Party Tool

There is a third party tool available for exporting Eudora to Outlook. Now in this section we will discuss how to use a tool to Export Eudora to Outlook.

Steps to use third party tool

1. Launch the tool Eudora to Outlook Converter.

2. Now Copy the Eudora Mailbox to Windows.

3. Now you can select single file or complete folder to Export to Outlook and then select the destination type in which you want to export Eudora mail and then click Export.

4. After completion, a message will appear showing Eudora to Outlook Conversion Completed Successfully. Click Ok

5. A report will be generated after the process is completed.

6. Now, you can easily access you Eudora mailbox in Outlook.


This blog is aimed to help users be aware of ways for exporting Eudora Mail to Outlook. One cannot directly export mail from Eudora to Outlook as Outlook supports PST file format. So to perform this transfer first you need to import Eudora to Outlook Express and then export the data from there to Outlook to make it accessible in PST format.