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Universal Email Conversion Tips For Home & Corporate Users

This article describes the need of email conversion along with the need for a universal converting utility for recovery of email data.

As we know, there are millions of users across the globe that access the internet and while using the service there comes the need of sending and receiving emails.

What is Email Conversion?

It is the procedure of converting the repository of a given email client into the repository format of another email client.

Why We Need To Convert Emails?

There are many email clients available for the home as well as corporate users to choose and decide from, according to what suits their needs and requirements.

Requirement of such applications is generally encountered in the following conditions:-

  • Change of Platform (OS) – Whenever the user shifts from one platform to other the need of conversion is possible to arise so that the other email client software can use the converted file.
  • Change of Email Client – If the users want to shift their mailbox to other email client, generally they are required to perform conversion as the file formats usually vary.
  • Corrupted File Format – Whenever there is a case of corrupted email files, then other method to recover them is by converting the files to other format using commercial programs.

What Are The Main File Formats Used?

There is a huge variety of email clients available that each generates a different kind of repository for data storage. Following are some of the most commonly used ones:-

  • .PST- It is supported by Microsoft Outlook. It is the mostly used file format.
  • .EDB- It is supported by Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • .DBX- It is supported by Microsoft Outlook Express.
  • .NSF- It is supported by Lotus Notes (IBM).
  • .MBOX- It is supported by Mozilla Thunderbird and a number of other applications.
  • .OST- It is supported by Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • .OLM-It is supported by Microsoft Outlook for Macintosh (MAC).
  • .IMM- It is supported by Incredimail.
  • .TBB- It is supported by THE BAT!
Above is a list of the few file formats along with the respective email clients that generate/support them.

Are You Switching your  Email client Or Platform?

Migrating to a different email client or platform requires a conversion of the file format which can be a nightmare for the user without a converter. An organization can suffer huge loss in the business since emails are the backbone for gaining profit or work.

But don’t worry there are many tricks available to solve the issue. The best option is to choose an email conversion method, only you should always back up the  data at a specified location so that in case of emergency it can be recovered without the need of third party software.

There is a converter option for every email client. Manual as well as software tool can serve the purpose.

Manual Methods

Emails can be recovered in their original form by using the manual tricks. However, that depends on the email clients being used. Some of the general methods are mentioned below-

  • Disconnect Old Mailbox- In case of mailbox recovery; the general step is to disconnect the old mailbox from email client.
  • Create New Mailbox And Reimport The Files - After creating new mailbox and importing the old files, there are maximum chances that the data can be recovered.


The manual method is always bound with some limitations, as it can’t go beyond certain limits. Hence, in that case a third party software, mainly an email converter can help solve the problem.


Using a software to recover the mailbox is a professional way to tackle the problem. Mainly for corporate users, it serves as the lifeline.

For every email client the converter should be different which depends on its file format. The main email converters used are mentioned in the order of their demand amongst users:-

  • EML TO PST Converter
  • EML TO NSF  Converter
  • PST TO MBOX Converter
  • OLM TO PST Converter
  • EDB TO PST Converter

These are some of the options available generally for small scale or home users. In some cases, the user needs a universal conversion tool for shifting between platforms. In case of email, recovery, it can serve all the combinations for the most file formats used in different email clients. Therefore, for corporate users special bundle packages are made available that have all the combinations to serve the purpose.


Modern world can’t run without internet and emails. They are the main source of livelihood for it. Hence, email conversion serves the purpose in order to migrate from one platform to other.

In the next article, I will be explaining a particular converter in detail.
I hope that the above article helps users know the importance of email conversion.

If the above tips help you to solve the issue, do mention it in the comment. For any query or suggestions related to the article, feel free to ask. J


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