Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Outlook 2013 Cannot Send Email - Error 554

When working with MS Outlook, an email message is transferred through multiple mail servers before it reaches its final destination or recipient’s mailbox. But at times due to certain issues the message does not reaches its intended recipients and is bounced back. This hinders the smooth communication process and leads to generation of some errors. We will focus on the Error 554 which is generated when Outlook 2013 cannot send email. Also this error is generated in the other versions of Outlook as well.

Probable Reasons Behind Error 554

Mainly there are two factors responsible for the Error 554 in Outlook. These are:
  •  Restriction On IP Address

Some of the mail servers, due to security reasons restrict some IP addresses and domains from where they receive messages. Therefore, when a message from a blocked IP address is sent to these protected mail servers, the message is bounced back and an error is generated at the sender’s end. This error message states the following:

The return message that is sent to the sender of the email contains detailed information like timestamps, IP Address or the server hostname.

  • When Message Is Sent Via Exchange Server
Error 554 can also arise when a mail from Outlook is sent through Exchange server. This error message is observed in case the user has not selected the option “Our server requires authentication” while setting up the Outlook account. Also in case the domain status in Control panel has been set to “Pending Verification” this error can arise.

Fixing Error 544 In Outlook

You can fix the error 544 by following below mentioned procedure:
  •     Click on File option in Outlook.
  •     Select Account Settings option.
  •     Now, select the account from the list and click Change above the account name.
  •     In Change Account dialog box click on More Settings.
  •     In this select the Outgoing server tab.
  •   In this tab make sure that the option “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication” has been enabled.
  •     Click OK, then click on Next and then click on Finish.

Note: Repeat the same process with Incoming Server.
By performing the above procedure, we believe that the Error 554 will be fixed and you will be able to easily send messages.


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