Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Discover Causes And Solution For Microsoft Outlook Error Code 17997

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client in today’s world due to its advance features and simplicity. However, there are various issues which can hamper the working of Outlook. In order to make users aware about the issues with Outlook, error messages are displayed with some error code.

One of the common error in Outlook is Microsoft Outlook error code 17997. If you too encounter the same error then this blog will definitely help you out to resolve the issue. There are two scenarios in which you can encounter this error, detail explanation of the issue is provided below.

Scenario 1 : Encountering Error On Creating New Outlook Profile

Many a times, when you create a new Outlook profile, the following error is encountered:

“An unknown error occurred, error code: 17997”

Cause Of The Error

If you have created a new account and encountering the error, then the main reason behind this error is improper synchronization of Outlook with Exchange Server. This error occurs if:

  1. You are having your mailbox on an older version of Exchange Mailbox Server
  2.  Auto Account Process is used for creating new Outlook profile


You can easily overcome this issue by creating your profile manually. The steps followed in the process are:
  •  Navigate to Control Panel and open Mail
  • Click on Show Profile to proceed
  • Select ‘Add’ from Mail dialog box
  • Provide a name to your profile in ‘New profile’ dialog box and then click on Ok
  • Once you find your name and email address in ‘Add New Email Account’ dialog box, either select ‘Manually configure Server Setting’ or ‘Additional Server Type’ check box and then click on Next
  • Choose E-mail service’ dialog box will appear from where you need to select ‘Microsoft Exchange’ and click ‘Next
  • Provide the name of Exchange Server and verify your username in Microsoft Exchange Dialog box and click on ‘Next’
  • When your profile gets successfully created, click ‘Finish
  • Click ‘Ok’, in Mail dialog box
  • Start Outlook

Scenario 2: Misconfiguration Of System Files

Microsoft Outlook error code 17997 can be displayed, if there is Misconfiguration of system files that generates registry errors with the Operating System. However, if this error is not fixed, it will lead your local machine to a critical state. This error can cause lock up of programs, crash of the local machine, freezing of the system, degradation in the performance of the system etc.
Cause Of The Error
Registry error can be a consequence of installing a new program over an old program without uninstalling the old program completely. This results in registry pile up and generation of error messages. Moreover, the users can come across error messages due to malicious software and virus.
In case you are receiving error message due to Misconfiguration of system files, you can get rid of it by manually uninstalling the unhealthy programs. The following steps will help you out to uninstall a program from your local machine:
  • Navigate to Control Panel
  • Select ‘Uninstall a program’
  • NOTE: You will find the option on arranging the items of control panel according to Category
  • Right click on the program that is to be uninstalled
  • Click on Uninstall
  • Select ‘Yes’ to proceed
  • Click ‘Ok’ to finish the process
Before uninstalling program(s), you must be aware of the program(s) that is/are creating issue.
If the error is due to virus attack then it is advised to scan your machine using some trusted anti-virus application.
Certain limitation is associated with various clients and is applied for Outlook as well. Users may encounter a number of errors while working with the clients. Microsoft Outlook error code 17997 may sound simple but may lead you to severe condition if not treated properly. Thus, it is a smart move to understand the issue and take effective steps to overcome it.


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