Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Introduction - Kristen Ryder

Hello, I am Kristen Ryder and this is my blog ‘Convert My Email’. Convert My Email is a dedicated blog that shares ideas, tips, along with techniques that help convert emails or do their forensics expertly. Information shared on this blog is the result of intense methodical researches that I have conducted myself to ensure their efficiency, effectiveness and precautions/prerequisites, if any.I run this blog on behalf of the miserable email users who have long waited to switch from their current email client and also those who would like to rightfully affirm the authenticity of their online email contacts. But the disappointment of always being suggested a heavy price tagged, commercial method to do so have stopped them from proceeding any further.
This blog will introduce you to the contemporary and not the conventional methods of converting and forensically digging into emails.

 Many consider the techniques to be impossible without a little investment. They sure are right; you do need to invest a little. However, this ‘little’ won’t be monetary but an investment of time. Being well versed with the anatomy of emails and having been coming across a number of users that have shown interest towards or demanded a solution for similar topics, I decided to start this blog as a means of communicating the corresponding methods.
I will be sharing complete steps and procedures of the techniques along with any/all precautions that need to be taken care of. Since, in all honesty, I myself am not a big fan of commercial solutions, especially when there already exists a way. Throughout my blogs, you will come across the fact that I have used many real-time cases, most of which will involve my emails itself, to exemplify the concepts that I present to you. The account names may vary as I have multiple email profiles with dummy IDs for the evident purpose of testing the methods.
All in all, you can trust my ways, though they are not entirely my concepts. In fact, these methods are just tested and put out on display through the medium of my very blog ‘Convert My Email’ which is an email forensic and email conversion expert solution communicating platform.
P.s. Looking forward to a head start as well as a positive feedback and response from you all.


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