Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Discover Causes And Solution For Microsoft Outlook Error Code 17997

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client in today’s world due to its advance features and simplicity. However, there are various issues which can hamper the working of Outlook. In order to make users aware about the issues with Outlook, error messages are displayed with some error code.

One of the common error in Outlook is Microsoft Outlook error code 17997. If you too encounter the same error then this blog will definitely help you out to resolve the issue. There are two scenarios in which you can encounter this error, detail explanation of the issue is provided below.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Abstract on Advantages of Lotus Notes Over Outlook!

Emailing is undisputedly a sole mode of business communication. Hence this arena is widespread and today it is being captured by several email services. Lotus Notes and Outlook being the most dominant email platforms, there is always a debate over which mail service is better. Overall, both Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook perform well while providing basic facilities like email, address book management, calendaring, etc. But when we analyze both email services more closely, Lotus Notes stands upright with its bright features and exceptional service. Security, architecture, and customizability are prime and opulent facilities Notes nurtures. To be honest, there is lot more to explore! Let us take a glimpse on advantages of Lotus Notes over Outlook email platform. 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Guide To Migrate From ANSI To Unicode PST File

For converting or upgrading ANSI PST to Unicode, there is no direct option offered by Microsoft. However, with a little efforts, it is possible to migrate from ANSI to Unicode and take advantage of the benefits offered by the later PST format. Let’s get started:

To be on a safer end, make sure that you maintain a backup of ANSI PST file before upgrading it. For this, you can copy the PST file to different system drive or storage device. The process of backing up a PST file is quite straightforward.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Introduction - Kristen Ryder

Hello, I am Kristen Ryder and this is my blog ‘Convert My Email’. Convert My Email is a dedicated blog that shares ideas, tips, along with techniques that help convert emails or do their forensics expertly. Information shared on this blog is the result of intense methodical researches that I have conducted myself to ensure their efficiency, effectiveness and precautions/prerequisites, if any.I run this blog on behalf of the miserable email users who have long waited to switch from their current email client and also those who would like to rightfully affirm the authenticity of their online email contacts. But the disappointment of always being suggested a heavy price tagged, commercial method to do so have stopped them from proceeding any further.
This blog will introduce you to the contemporary and not the conventional methods of converting and forensically digging into emails.